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HTTP API Specification

The update URL can be requested on HTTPS or HTTP. Is it recommended that you always use HTTPS
We provide HTTP services for unfortunate users that have HTTPS blocked

You can update your domain(s) with a single HTTPS get to DuckDNS{YOURVALUE}&token={YOURVALUE}[&ip={YOURVALUE}][&ipv6={YOURVALUE}][&verbose=true][&clear=true]

The domain can be a single domain - or a comma separated list of domains.
The domain does not need to include the part of your domain, just the subname.
If you do not specify the IP address, then it will be detected - this only works for IPv4 addresses
You can put either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address in the ip parameter
If you want to update BOTH of your IPv4 and IPv6 records at once, then you can use the optional parameter ipv6
to clear both your records use the optional parameter clear=true

A normal good response is


A normal bad response is


if you add the &verbose=true parameter to your request, then OK responses have more information

OK [The current IP address for your update - can be blank]
2002:DB7::21f:5bff:febf:ce22:8a2e [The current IPV6 address for your update - can be blank]

HTTP Parameters
domains - REQUIRED - comma separated list of the subnames you want to update
token - REQUIRED - your account token
ip - OPTIONAL - if left blank we detect IPv4 addresses, if you want you can supply a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address
ipv6 - OPTIONAL - a valid IPv6 address, if you specify this then the autodetection for ip is not used
verbose - OPTIONAL - if set to true, you get information back about how the request went
clear - OPTIONAL - if set to true, the update will ignore all ip's and clear both your records

Special no-parameter request format

Some very basic routers can only make requests without parameters
For these requirements the following request is possible{YOURDOMAIN}/{YOURTOKEN}[/{YOURIPADDRESS}]

YOURDOMAIN - REQUIRED - only a single subdomain
YOURTOKEN - REQUIRED - your account token
YOURIPADDRESS - OPTIONAL - if left blank we detect IPv4 addresses, if you want to over-ride this, with a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address